Artists from all genres love Paige Capos for their slim, lightweight design, their tuning accuracy and the ability to store it quickly and conveniently behind the nut.  Check out what some of the most world renowned artists are saying about the Paige Capo. 


“I love the “Original” Paige capo standard profile.  Very accurate – it works!”
Tommy Emmanuel cgp  


Vince Gill
LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 15: Vince Gill and Don Henley perform onstage with The Eagles during The Classic West at Dodger Stadium on July 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Scoop Marketing)

“Works great! What more could you ask for?”
Vince Gill



Carol King and James Taylor

James Taylor with Carole King, his Olson guitar and Paige capo



“No need re-tuning with Paige capos.  Sturdy, sleek and functional.  Love ’em!”
Tim Stafford of Blue Highway



If you haven’t heard Parker Hastings, you are in for a real treat.  The next generation keeping great guitar playing alive and well.


Tommy Emmanuel brings his young 16-year-old protege Parker Hastings on stage with him to play the thumbpickers world anthem, Cannonball Rag at the Merle Travis Music Center in Powderly, Ky during the Home Of The Legends Thumbpicking Weekend. They burned it up!



“It doesn’t matter if I’m in a studio or playing live at the Grammy’s, my instruments have to be in perfect tune. I depend on Paige capos to hold the intonation of my instruments no matter where I play.
Kristian Bush of Sugarland


“The Paige never pulls the strings sharp like other popular brands.  You adjust the tension you need which is just enough to get the strings to the fret directly in front of the capo.  It’s fast and easy.”
Jeff Douglas with The Oak Ridge Boys


“Whether in competition, studio/live performance, or just sitting around pickin’… the Paige Capo has never let me down.  It’s fast, accurate, and always right there… ready to go!  I consider it a part of my instrument.”
Kevin Haynie with Josh Turner


“Once I switched over to Paige I haven’t used any other capo.  Not only do I have the convenience of keeping a capo locked on each guitar (which is great on a dark stage!) but I have the ability to control the capo tension that each guitar requires!  Paige has definitely hit the mark that no other capo company has been able to do.”
Quinton Gibson of Darius Rucker


“The new and improved Clik capo works great.  Easy on, easy off, when not in use it all but disappears behind the nut.  Most importantly, it holds the strings to the fingerboard like cement without the messy clean up.”
Jeff Daniels Actor/Musician


“A Paige has always lived on my guitar necks, but the Clik has definitely stepped things up a notch.  It’s amazing how easy it is to move the capo and tighten it, all with one hand, always in tune with the right pressure on the strings.  My Paige capos are works of art!”
Kerry Marx with The Grand Ole Opry


“This is absolutely the best capo I have ever used.  I love Paige capos – if you don’t already own one, get one now!”
Carolyn Martin of the Carolyn Martin Band
Time Jumpers
Western Swing Hall of Fame


They are small, compact and stored at the nut so they are quick and easy to use.  Truth be told, they’re just damn good.  Well done, Paige.
Rick “SnapShot” Yancey


“The intonation of the Paige capo is as accurate as its design is elegant.”
Gregory T.S. Walker
Professor, University of Colorado Denver
Artistic Director, Colorado NeXt Music Fest


East Tennessee State University loves Paige Capos!  Dan Boner (Director Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies) with ETSU student hawking the product!



“I have been using Paige Capos now for a few years and they are hands down the best product on the market and I am proud to represent them. If you are a musician you need to own at least one of their capos, I promise you will love how easy they are to use and most importantly the accurate tuning and consistency that these provide!”

Tony Lundervold
2015 Academy of Western Artists Western Album of the Year Nominee, “From the Ranch to the Rodeo”


Bryan Paige (left) being interviewed by Don Carr (23 years with The Oak Ridge Boys)

“I needed a capo to fit my needs, so I invented one”
Bryan Paige – Designer of the Paige Capo